We're Vytalize — your doctor’s partner in care
We partner with physicians to support them in remaining independent while providing an elevated patient experience. Your doctor isn't going anywhere. Vytalize complements the care you receive from your physician.
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Why do we partner with your doctor?
There is an ongoing shift that’s happening in the healthcare industry. Due to financial constraints, amongst other reasons, independent physicians are being compelled to sell their practices and join larger hospitals. This often leads to less time and attention for patients.

With Vytalize, primary care physicians can remain independent through a new model of health care that enables physicians to provide more personalized care and get rewarded for keeping patients healthy.
It's a team effort.
Vytalize’s team of Care Guides work closely with your physician to support you with personalized guidance, resources and assistance to ensure you get the right care, in the right place, at the right time.
A few of the optional services
you'll have access to:
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24/7 Dedicated Care Team
Concierge-like health service offering patients support & coordinated care. 24/7.
Easy-To-Use Tools to Track Your Health
Devices to monitor patients’ blood pressure, glucose and body weight in real time. Physicians will review their patients’ vitals to make sure they are on track!
Behavioral Health Support for Mind and Body
Regular support for patients’ emotional and mental health with licensed experts in the field
Vytalize improves coordination between patients’ primary care physicians and their specialty care providers.
What is an Accountable Care Organization (ACO) and how does that benefit Medicare patients?  
A health care Accountable Care Organization (ACO) is a group of doctors, hospitals and other providers who work together to coordinate care for Medicare patients. Medicare rewards physicians for taking a more proactive role in keeping Medicare patients healthy and out of the hospital.

Communication improves between your physician and your specialists
• Doctors can share information more easily to provide the best treatment

You get better care through closer collaboration between all your providers
• You're less likely, for example, to get duplicate tests which can lower out-of-pocket costs
"It’s nice to have someone you can pick up the phone and call to say 'something's wrong’. I was very impressed because my Vytalize Care Guide made us feel like she really cared. Their help really made a difference when she called me after I got out of the hospital to make sure I had my test results, which was nice because it was a lot to manage on my own.”

— Terry, Age 72
“To have someone else there who can help gives me comfort. My Vytalize Care Team talked to me and my husband about our health challenges and...acted as a friend. It’s nice that my care team can follow up because I feel overwhelmed.”

— Teresa & Arthur
"My Vytalize Care Guide was a little angel. I needed a new walker and she got me a brand new one. I was paying $100 / month for insulin and she found it for me for $15 through another source. She got me set up on meals delivery service. My sugar is the lowest it has been in years."

— Joseph, Age 70

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