Powering primary care practices through bold value-based incentives and smart technology.
Vytalize is a new kind of Medicare ACO. Learn how you can optimize your practice and thrive in value-based healthcare.
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What We Do
We’re making it easier for doctors to increase their bottom line while improving Medicare patients’ outcomes.
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How it Works
1. Personalized Recommendations
Receive practice-specific, data-driven recommendations and care plans
2. Improved patient outcomes
Expand the spectrum of services available to your Medicare members 
3. Dramatically improved finances
Get paid for every additional step you take
A program customized to your practice...
at no cost to you.
Understand how ACOs work
Provide better patient care
Remain independent
Improve your revenue stream
Expand the scope of primary care
Work smarter not harder

Loved by doctors.
Loved by patients.

We’ve helped tens of thousands of patients achieve greater health outcomes while reducing total cost of care.
Dr. Ellen Vitievsky
Integrated Healthcare Group, LLC
"Vytalize Health enables me to offer Medicare approved Remote Services to my patients with chronic conditions. This improves the quality of the care for the patient by creating touchpoints with them between visits. I'm able to monitor their wellness and provide support that efficiently works with my Practice."
Dr. Marc Allen
Medical P.C.
"Partnering with Vytalize provided us with analytics, regulatory expertise, technology, capital, and all other important elements independent physician groups need to thrive in value-based healthcare."
Dr. Isaac Kramer
MD, P.C.
"Vytalize empowers us to remain independent while still being a part of a value-based care model."
Dr. David Moody
Madden Medical Clinic
"We fully believe it's clear that healthcare's status quo needs to evolve into a more effective and efficient model. We joined Vytalize because it was built to empower primary care, who make up the foundation for the future of healthcare."
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Dr. Isaac Kramer
MD, PC New Jersey
"Vytalize empowers us to remain independent while still being a part of a value-based care model."