Vytalize Health & WellSky® Partner to Transform ​Primary Care ​Physician Relationships With Acute & Post-Acute Providers​

Press Release | 01/30/2024

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WellSky’s advanced care coordination technology will enhance physician-to-physician communication and collaboration for better patient experiences and improved value-based care outcomes 

OVERLAND PARK, Kan., and HOBOKEN, N.J. — January 30, 2024 — WellSky, a leading health and community care technology company, and Vytalize Health, a leading Accountable Care Organization (ACO), announced a new collaboration to optimize value-based care outcomes. With this new partnership, Vytalize Health will leverage the WellSky Next Generation Provider solution and services suite to facilitate bi-directional communication and care coordination between acute and post-acute providers. This will improve value-based outcomes for patients by sharing critical information across care settings and discharging patients to high performing post-acute facilities.   

“Our collaboration with WellSky is a critical component of Vytalize’s Connected Community strategy. From hospital admission through discharge and back into the care of our primary care physicians, when providers across the continuum work together to deliver coordinated high-quality care, the result is healthier, more engaged patients. By partnering with WellSky, we can ensure these connections happen in real-time, such as when patients experience critical care events like a visit to the emergency room, which is a key to success in value-based care,” said Vytalize Health Chief Product Officer Frank Bordonaro. 

WellSky connects Vytalize Health’s primary care physicians and specialty provider network to more than 2,000 acute and 130,000 post-acute providers. With WellSky solutions, acute and post-acute providers will see when a Vytalize Health patient is in their care and receive information on the benefits of Vytalize Health’s post-acute provider network. At the point of discharge, hospital care teams can ensure the patient is referred to post-acute providers best suited to provide the next level of care. The partnership is already live in several markets. 

In addition, WellSky solutions will facilitate better communication and collaboration between physicians and provide critical insight into a patient’s care journey across the continuum. By working together, primary care providers and specialists can better close care gaps, reduce duplicative services and testing, help prevent readmissions, and know where their patients are being seen and when – resulting in higher patient satisfaction, better health outcomes, and efficiencies. 

“At WellSky, we know that ambulatory providers want to be more engaged with their patients’ care plans when something critical happens and collaborate with providers across acute and post-acute settings,” said Dr. Lissy Hu, president of connected networks at WellSky. “We have built solutions and services that give Vytalize Health’s partner providers the information they need to take directed action and succeed in value-based care – all while continuing to put patient care first. We look forward to helping Vytalize Health transform patient and provider experiences.” 

To learn more about Vytalize Health’s value-based care delivery system, visit www.vytalizehealth.com  

To learn more about WellSky’s unique range of proven solutions for physicians, visit wellsky.com/ambulatory.

About WellSky® 

WellSky is one of America’s largest and most innovative healthcare technology companies, leading the movement for intelligent, coordinated care. Our proven software, analytics, and services power better outcomes and lower costs for stakeholders across the health and community care continuum. In today’s value-based care environment, WellSky helps providers, payers, health systems, and community organizations scale processes, improve collaboration for growth, harness the power of data analytics, and achieve better outcomes by further connecting clinical and social care. WellSky serves more than 20,000 client sites — including the largest hospital systems, blood banks, cell therapy labs, home health and hospice franchises, post-acute providers, government agencies, and human services organizations. Informed by more than 40 years of providing software and expertise, WellSky anticipates clients’ needs and innovates relentlessly to build healthy, thriving communities. For more information, visit wellsky.com. 

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