Practice Manager Insights: Driving Success in Value-Based Care

Article | 03/27/2024

In primary care, practice managers are pivotal in steering their practices toward adopting value-based care. They shoulder the responsibility of orchestrating operational modifications that bolster patient outcomes, guaranteeing financial viability, and ensuring adherence to regulatory standards. Additionally, they are instrumental in cementing relationships among providers, the practice staff, patients, and partner teams fostering a cohesive environment aimed at achieving better health at lower costs.

Carrie L. Klein, MBA, RN, BSN

We talked to Carrie L. Klein, MBA, RN, BSN, from New Jersey-based Shore Primary Care to learn more about the role practice managers play in the value-based care delivery model and the impact Vytalize has had on her practice.

Here’s what she had to say:

Describe your role at Shore Primary Care. What is your day-to-day like?

I am the Medical Administrator for Shore Primary Care. We are a well-established internal medicine practice with two physicians delivering care on the Jersey Shore. I have experience in nursing, payer contracting and accounting, but mostly enjoy managing the practice’s daily operations. I participate in meeting patient needs while still being responsible for completing managerial tasks.

What challenges has Shore Primary Care faced?

Patients today are savvier on receiving physicals and annual screenings while working toward maintaining their health. Payers and patients demand quality care but fail to realize that the volume of those in need often exceeds availability. The cost of providing care and retaining experienced staff can be challenging. I have found success with training most staff members and utilizing a team-based approach for the total care of the patient. Maintaining an enjoyable workplace environment where staff feel respected and appreciated directly affects the patient care experience. Metrics get met!

What benefit sets Vytalize apart from other value-based care solutions you’ve considered?

The goal of value-based care is to improve affordability while improving the health of our patients. CMS’ ACO REACH program enables Vytalize to provide financial and care planning support to the physicians and practice. Unlike other shared savings programs, our partnership with Vytalize allows for secured budget planning, adding to a stable work environment.

How has partnering with Vytalize impacted practice staff? 

Contracting with Vytalize’s ACO has proven to be an exceptional decision for us. Vytalize delivers continuous, dependable support through our assigned Medical Director and Population Health Associate. We have also gained additional insight by meeting with other local practices that partner with Vytalize to share our experiences and learn from one another.

If you were speaking to a close friend or colleague who is on the fence about value-based care or working with Vytalize, what would you tell them?

Managing a practice contracted with Vytalize has been so rewarding. Educating our medical team staff members on the changes in healthcare and making them part of planning new workflows for patients’ screenings is resulting in measurable positive outcomes!


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