How Vytalize COO Dr. Majelle Yu’s Open-Door Philosophy Impacts Personal and Company Growth

Article | 03/14/2023

In the past, Vytalize’s Dr. Majelle Yu spent eight years in internal medicine first as a hospitalist and then later in the outpatient space. Today, as a result of her time as a provider burdened with mounting administrative work, she spends her days managing more than 100 Vytalizers across the Population Health, Account Management, Clinical and Quality teams.

‍Born and raised in the Philippines, Dr. Yu came to the United States for additional training and began working for Executive Health Resources in 2006, before they became a part of Optum, reporting to two very strong women who led her on a path to leadership and influences the way she leads as Vytalize’s Chief Operating Officer.


Early on, Dr. Yu was asked what her goals were by one of these women. With the knowledge of her aspirations in mind, her mentor started making a way for her to reach her goals. She was also encouraged to step out of her comfort zone, something she notes is unusual for someone in her Asian culture. It is evident that Dr. Yu has taken that advice, and she is passing it along as she leads her teams.

Though Vytalize is a remote-first company, Dr. Yu’s virtual door is always open. She gets to know each team member individually and in ways that allows her to truly address every person’s unique needs and the ways they work best. Her approach to mentorship even includes making herself available to those who she does not directly supervise. She encourages those that come into her path to articulate their own aspirations, aiding in the creation of a roadmap that places them on the journey to their goal.

For women in particular, she recognizes that having the right female role model can be vital. Being raised by a physician mother and attending an all-girls school at a young age equipped Dr. Yu with the confidence to take on the world and the knowledge that women can achieve any goal. In her professional years she has realized that without role models some women defer to men even though they are just as capable. At Vytalize, she urges women to “lean in and take away self-doubt.”


Dr. Yu’s approach to mentorship is also reflected in her work to bring innovation to Vytalize. She encourages her team to release any fear regarding new things, like technology and automation. She pushes them to embrace the idea that there are often better ways to achieve — and ultimately improve — outcomes. Innovation, as she says, allows Vytalize to do more with less. In the past year, Dr. Yu and her teams have rolled out various new technologies that have allowed Vytalize’s clinical team to integrate and track measures more efficiently, growth team to better manage relationships with partners, and marketing team to better reach and communicate with existing and prospective partners.

For Majelle, the relationships she creates and fosters with her teams allow for the growth of each member individually and together as one company. The trust she builds creates an environment that allows Vytalize to continue moving toward our vision of being the best facilitator of people’s health, and where Vytalizers want to learn, grow, and develop.

While Dr. Yu is no longer seeing patients, she feels that “this job is just like giving back.” She is giving back to our partnering providers, their patients, and the Vytalize team. She is using her experience and expertise to allow those that she encounters to be the best versions of themselves, both professionally and personally.

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