10 Wellness Tips for Better Health Outcomes

Article | 01/06/2023

Creating healthy habits can be daunting for patients and the providers that care for them. We all live busy lives that often make it difficult to prioritize healthy eating and exercise.

With the new year in full swing, many are looking to improve their health. However, life often has a habit of getting in the way, making wellness goals and the work to achieve them short-lived. Here are some easy-to-follow tips from Vytalize Senior Clinical Dietician Donna Peart that will turn New Year’s resolutions into long-lasting change.

Healthier Eating

1. Clean your cabinets and refrigerators of unhealthy foods and restock with healthier choices
2. Collect recipes and designate a day for meal prepping
3. Find an accountability partner
4. Keep a food journal
5. Remember your why and your goals


1. Make a date with yourself or with a friend to exercise
2. Join a community of like-minded individuals
3. Do exercises that you love
4. Create a routine with the exercise equipment you already have
5. Set a goal of 30 minutes of exercise per day or 150 minutes per week

When creating your wellness goals, it is important to remember that, like with any other goal, start small and build onto your easy wins. It is equally important to give yourself grace. If you skip a day at the gym or eat something unhealthy, do not beat yourself up — instead, move forward with a clean slate.

Lastly, remember your why; it will get you back on track! The human mind is powerful — believe you can make the changes, and you are more than halfway there.

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