We help build stronger, value-based practices.
We believe in doing one thing really (really) well. By specializing in Medicare value-based care programs, we provide an all-in-one solution for primary care practices that is uniquely efficient and effective.
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Other ACOs
Practice’s Responsibility:
• Treating Patients
• Quality Reporting
• Uncompensated Care Coordination
• Closing ACO Care Gaps
• Data Analysis
• After-Hours Coverage
ACO's Responsibility:
• Potential Shared Savings (two years later)
Practice’s Responsibility:
• Treating Patients
• Closing ACO Care Gaps
Vytalize's Responsibility:
• Value-Based Incentives
• Data Analysis
• Virtual Care
• In-Home Care
• Care Coordination
• Downstream Network Management
• Payer Contracting
• Quality Reporting
• Potential Shared Savings (monthly)

Vytalize partners with primary care practices every step of the way. Here’s how:

Value-Based Payments

We align provider incentives with better outcomes.

Smarter Data

We identify care gaps and actionable insights by analyzing clinical notes, claims, social determinants of health data, and hospital feeds.

Clinical Support

We offer a virtual and in-home clinic to support patient care between office visits.

Network Management

We create and integrate with high-performing systems of care, including hospitals, specialists and ancillary care providers for end-to-end care management.
Results from our engaged practices
Reduction in ER utilization
Higher patient retention
Cost Savings

How we help your primary care practice

Providing a robust suite of healthcare services for your practice is a critical step in ensuring successful value-based care.

However, knowing which preventive services will make the most impact for your patient population can be challenging. That’s why we use our proprietary data-driven solutions to build smart and relevant plans for you and your patients.
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Dr. Scafuri left his ACO to join Vytalize's and hasn't looked back.

  • Reduce your workload
  • Enhance patient access to care
  • Reduce wasteful spending and keep what you save
  • Improve staff morale

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