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An all-in-one solution for primary care providers that bridges fee-for-service and value-based healthcare to drive results for practices.

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It’s been a great addition to our system. It helps me monitor patients, what they need, what they have, what to look for. It also keeps us on track and making sure we’re doing everything that we need to do allowing the patient to have the best quality of care possible. Vytalize improves our system tenfold. 
— Dr. Ruben De Los Santos
The best [ACO] organization is determined on several factors: how cumbersome or intrusive they are in your practice, do you feel valued in that organization, do the patients benefit, and are you financially compensated. I think on all those measures, so far, Vytalize hits the mark. The most compensation they provide is more than most ACOs [and] ACO REACHs, but it is directly tied to producing results. 
— Dr. Christopher Ng
The experience has been really positive. I don’t see any downside of getting into Vytalize. I believe it’s better for the practice and for the patient as well. 
— Dr. Juan Gonzalez
I would recommend Vytalize to [doctors] because this system really works. They’re reliable. They almost become integrated into your own practice. I don’t feel division where I’m Bellamy Brook and they are Vytalize—it’s a seamless process.
— Bellamy Brook, DO
I like the camaraderie of being part of [a] physician team because I’m in a solo practice, so it’s nice to have a team behind me. I was in another ACO which was successful, but I left more based on personality than I did on finances. I enjoy working with this team, both on the Vytalize end and the IPA that I’m part of, which runs the ACO with Vytalize.
— Dr. Mark Shapiro
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