Vytalize Health provides digital behavior change program, Wellth, to members with chronic conditions to improve health outcomes

Article | 03/17/2021

(Hoboken, New Jersey. – 3/17/2021) Vytalize Health announced today that it’s offering a new digital behavior change program, Wellth, to their members who are managing chronic conditions. This partnership developed out of a need to focus on improving medication adherence for members diagnosed with one or more of the following conditions: Congestive Heart Failure, Cardiovascular Disease, Type 2 Diabetes, and COPD/Asthma.

“As we look into the future of Vytalize Health and how we continue to drive value-based care for Medicare patients in partnership with independent providers, we have to find innovative solutions,” said Faris Ghawi, CEO of Vytalize Health. “Wellth takes a unique approach of leveraging financial incentives to create lasting habit-formation to care plan adherence, which makes a long-term impact on the health of the members we serve.”

Members enrolled in Wellth receive daily financial incentives for verifying adherence to prescribed care plans through daily check-ins, including prescribed medications and key metrics like blood sugar and blood pressure. Wellth’s AI technology immediately processes these check-ins for verification, and insights are relayed directly to care teams. Members get a fun, easy, and motivating experience along with the instant gratification of keeping their endowed rewards, which they “cash-out” at milestone intervals throughout the duration of their program.

“As ACO’s continue to take on an increased risk for their members, they continue to have to find new ways to improve quality and reduce costs,” said Matthew Loper, CEO and Cofounder of Wellth. “Vytalize Health sees the value in leveraging the science of human behavior, behavioral economics, to create motivation and habit formation for members struggling to adhere to complex care plans.”

Providers can offer Medicare FFS beneficiaries up to $75 worth of incentives, per calendar year, so long as they are in compliance with Beneficiary Inducement Rules and the Anti-kickback statute.

The partnership with Wellth is being launched out of the Vytalize Innovation Lab. The platform was created to attract and deploy leading digital health solutions in a value-based environment.

About Wellth:

Wellth is a digital behavior change company that creates de novo motivation in the highest-risk, least engaged segment of the chronic disease population. Powered by a behavioral economics engine paired with an intuitive, consumer-grade smartphone experience designed to motivate and delight, Wellth rewards members with daily financial incentives for verifying adherence to prescribed care plans. The company’s mission is to ensure the adoption and success of value-based care by helping health plans and risk-bearing healthcare providers better understand their populations, improve customer health, and lower costs. Learn more at www.wellthapp.com.

About Vytalize Health:

Vytalize Health is a new kind of Medicare ACO powering primary care practices with bold financial incentives and smart technology. By specializing in Medicare services, Vytalize provides an all-in-one solution that is uniquely efficient and effective. Vytalize’s care delivery model transforms the healthcare experience for tens of thousands of Medicare beneficiaries across 14 states by helping them take control of their chronic conditions in collaboration with their doctors. Learn More at www.vytalizehealth.com.