Acclivity Health and Vytalize Health Partner to Improve Care for Palliative Patients

Press Release | 06/15/2021

Acclivity Health, a trusted technology innovator in transforming care for the seriously ill, today announced a partnership with Vytalize Health, a leading provider of value-based healthcare for the Medicare population, to improve the quality of care for patients with advanced illness while reducing healthcare costs and increasing ROI for providers. The collaboration will make it easy for providers to access a holistic picture of the patient journey, identify which patients are at the highest risk for emergency department visits and hospital stays, and connect to a multidisciplinary care community to collaborate on the best care plan.

“Too often, care for the sickest patients in our communities is fragmented, with no coordination between primary care practices, palliative care organizations, and families,” said Jeremy Powell, CEO of Acclivity Health. “We believe in putting the needs of patients first so that America’s sickest and most costly patient populations receive appropriate and affordable care that is consistent with their goals and values. By providing care teams with workflows driven by advanced data and analytics, we help them uncover important insights about patients that can inform their care plan, improve care quality, increase patient satisfaction, and reduce member per month costs – delivering true value-based care.”

Through its Connected Care platform, Acclivity Health delivers the valuable insights providers need to measure the disease burden for their patients, increase transparency for end-of-life care options, and deliver care when and where it is needed. The Acclivity platform includes analytics, machine learning, workflow management, and patient engagement tools that providers can use at the point of care and to collaborate securely with multiple disciplines within the care team.

Vytalize Health is a new kind of Medicare ACO empowering independent physicians with bold financial incentives and smart technology. Vytalize equips its network of physicians with proprietary data-driven solutions they can use to build smart and relevant suites of healthcare services for their Medicare patients. Vytalize Health currently works with over 600 providers in 14 states and manages more than $1 billion in medical spending. The company is a founding member of the Acclivity Connected Community Interoperability Framework, a technology, services, and workflow solution that seamlessly coordinates clinical care and support resources for seriously ill patients nationwide.

Through the new partnership, providers in the Vytalize ACO network can utilize the Acclivity platform to identify their most at-risk patients quickly, make referrals to palliative care and home healthcare organizations, and better coordinate care across the healthcare ecosystem.

“Acclivity allows us to scale our data set and punch above our weight by accessing a larger dataset. It’s a great company with a great mission and we’re excited to be partnering with them to bring more insights to PCPs,” said Faris Ghawi, CEO of Vytalize Health.

The partnership with Acclivity Health is being launched out of the Vytalize Innovation Lab. Vytalize developed the platform to create strategic partnerships and attract and deploy leading digital health solutions in a value-based environment.

About Acclivity Health

Acclivity Health Solutions is a trusted healthcare technology company with a mission to improve access to appropriate healthcare for patients with advanced illnesses. Its platform is designed to securely connect all members of a care community — physician practices, ACOs, hospice and palliative care organizations, payers, and caregivers — and facilitate effective care collaboration that results in the right care in the right place at the right time. By delivering appropriate and timely services to their shared patient population, multidisciplinary care teams are able to meet value-based care program requirements. Today, Acclivity serves healthcare organizations in 38 states, enabling care management for 4 million patients. It has helped prepare hospice and primary care organizations in 24 of 26 regions to succeed in the Primary Care First and the Seriously Ill Population program. For more information, please visit or follow the company on Twitter or LinkedIn.

About Vytalize Health

Vytalize Health is a new kind of Medicare ACO powering primary care practices with bold financial incentives and smart technology. By specializing in Medicare services, Vytalize provides an all-in-one, uniquely efficient and effective solution. Vytalize’s care delivery model transforms the healthcare experience for tens of thousands of Medicare beneficiaries across 14 states by helping them take control of their chronic conditions in collaboration with their doctors. Learn more at