Vytalize Health Partner Program

To reach more patients with its state-of-the-art care, Vytalize Health is currently partnering with physicians and home-based nurse practitioner practices throughout New Jersey and New York.

No one partnership and/or collaboration with Vytalize Health is like another. Each relationship is different; circumstances and context are taken into account to reach the best interests of the patients, partner/collaborator and Vytalize Health.

Generally, however, the main benefits of working with Vytalize Health include:


  • vytalize health 1Better pay per Medicare patient
  • vytalize health 2Less working hours
  • vytalize health 3Round-the-clock administrative support
  • vytalize health 4Inclusivity and transparency
  • vytalize health 5In-office support

Vytalize Health carefully chooses its prospective partners and collaborators, and ensures that they are included in every step of the integration. To build a relationship based on trust and mutual understanding, physicians and nurse practitioners who work with Vytalize Health are encouraged to decide for themselves how involved they would like to be with each individual patient.

In short – Vytalize Health respects its partners and collaborators. If you are an interested prospective partner and/or collaborator, please email info@vytalizehealth.com or feel free to call Vytalize Health at (844) 898-2549.