What is Vytalize Health?

Vytalize Health is a modernized doctor practice focused on people with Medicare. We provide care in the comfort of our patients’ homes with 24/7 access to our medical team; so patients never have to wait to reach us.

In addition to house calls, we provide our patients with personal tablets that allow them to videoconference with our on-demand medical support team with the touch of a button. Instead of an answering machine, patients are able to see our medical team so they can better address their needs in terms of quality as well as time.

What services does Vytalize Health provide that a typical doctor doesn't?

Vytalize Health is focused on ensuring that its patients receive all the care they are entitled to. In addition to providing house calls, 24/7 access, and the ability to videoconference with our medical team on-demand, we offer a suite of preventative services, monthly check-ins, in-home lab draws, care coordination, chronic disease management and behavioral coaching.

We reach out to our patients on a monthly basis to check in on them and make sure they are getting everything they need to manage their health. We ensure patients are staying on top of the care plan that our providers create alongside them to help them achieve their goals.

Will Vytalize Health’s services cost me anything?

There are no additional costs for joining Vytalize Health. As with a traditional doctors’ practice, Vytalize Health’s services are covered under Medicare Part B, and there are no out-of-pocket costs other than traditional co-pays that may apply. With most supplemental insurance plans and Medicaid, all services are fully covered.

Is Vytalize Health a homecare or home health care agency?

Neither. Vytalize Health is a practice led by physicians and nurse practitioners that provides medical services above and beyond what a typical doctors’ office provides, and we provide those services from the comfort of home.

As part of our program however, we will coordinate homecare and/or home health care for you as needed, and can even help you hire your own home health aides so you can save the cost of a homecare agency.

I already have a doctor that knows me, how will Vytalize Health get up to speed on my medical history?

Our patients’ safety is an absolute priority, and so our program starts with an in-home visit by one of our nurse practitioners, as well as an introductory video call with our doctor, during which we go through your medical history in detail to obtain as much information from you as you can provide.

Furthermore, we will ask you to list all the doctors that you’re currently seeing or have seen in the past, and ask your permission to reach out to them to obtain your medical history - we make sure not to miss anything.

Our medical team will then take a comprehensive look at your medical history and conditions, and create a care plan for you that we will help coordinate and implement.

Can I keep my regular doctor and still receive Vytalize Health’s services?

Yes. We will coordinate with your primary care doctor, if you choose to keep them, and will make sure that everything we do is consistent with the care plan they have laid out for you.

A lot of the services we provide are not typically offered by traditional doctors’ practices, so we can provide these additional services while you can still go to your primary care provider whenever you need to.

Why does Vytalize Health provide patients with a tablet?

The better we understand our patients, the better the care provided – and we go above and beyond to make sure we optimize the quality of our care:

  • If we’re seeing patients in person, we see them in their homes.
  • If we’re calling patients in between visits, we prefer to videoconference.

Telemedicine has become an important way for the delivery of care today, and our technology is extremely simple and quick, allowing seniors to receive care with the touch of a button, literally.

Do patients have to use the tablet to reach Vytalize Health’s medical team?

No. The tablets are an option we offer patients at no cost. While we encourage the use of the tablets, patients are welcome to call us by phone any time and will still have 24/7 access.

If I already have a Smartphone, can I just use that instead of the tablet?

Yes. After the initial home visit, we can get you set up with an account so that you can download our app and have the same access via your phone or tablet that you would through the tablets we provide.

How does Vytalize Health use its patients' information?

We will never share personal or medical information without our patients’ prior consent, or for any reason other than to provide the best quality of medical care.

Does Vytalize Health have a referral system?

Yes. As part of the comprehensive services we provide, we will refer you to any specialists that you need, as well as help you obtain any medical equipment that your health condition(s) require. We act as your medical concierge to ensure that you have all your health needs taken care of.

Does Vytalize Health offer specialists or just primary care?

We provide primary care services through our skilled medical team. If a specialist is needed, we go the extra mile by scheduling appointments on your behalf, and doing research to find providers that fit your needs.

What happens if I need to go to the hospital?

Our medical team will coordinate the hospital visit for you, and work with you and the hospital’s medical team to ensure you receive proper attention.

Most hospitals today have “hospitalists” which are doctors that will oversee patients’ care during their hospital stay, so by keeping our medical team informed of the hospital visit, we will coordinate care with the hospital staff.

Does Vytalize Health coordinate care with family caregivers?

Yes. If a patient has a caregiver, we ensure that they are kept in the loop with everything we do and encourage caregivers to be present during the initial in-home visit.

Does Vytalize Health accept private health insurance?

We accept Medicare Part B, supplemental insurance, and Medicare Advantage plans. Since we focus exclusively on people with Medicare, we don’t accept private pay or commercial insurance.

Can one sign up for Vytalize Health before the age of 65?

You can sign up with Vytalize Health as long as you have Medicare Part B. People with disabilities who have Medicare prior to turning 65 may sign up with Vytalize Health.